MW2 "Stimulus" Map Pack Revealed


Hey guys just a heads up about the DLC for Modern Warfare 2.

The Stimulus Package will have a 30 day timed exclusivity deal for Xbox360 version, plus confirmation of old maps as DLC.

The Map Pack includes 3 new maps “Complex”, “Compact” and “storm” there are also 2 of the fans favourites from Call Of Duty 4, “Crash” And “Overgrown”.

The DLC has come under attack from fans 1.Playstation owners who have to wait an extra 30 days after the Xbox owners, 2.The hefty price tag carried with the game a staggering £15! ($15 and 15 Euros) So whether you are willing to pay that much for 3 new maps and 2 “old” maps.

Anyway here is a video showing the maps off. Enjoy.

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