MW3 Gets Its Own "No Russian"


SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t wish to know anything about the Modern Warfare 3 single player campaign this post is not for you so please look away now.

After the infamous “No Russian” level from Modern Warfare 2 many would’ve expected Activision to steer well clear of any civilian casualties in Modern Warfare 3, but that’s certainly not the case based on the below video. Again major SPOILER WARNING!


As you will have just seen, the video depicts a chemical attack on the streets of London where an innocent family are killed after a huge explosion from a near by vehicle. The most shocking scene is of course that of the small girl who is clearly caught-up at the heart of the detonation.

Personally, I don’t think the impact is quite the same as that of “No Russian” because the player isn’t asked to pull the trigger. It appears to only be a cut-scene, but nonetheless it shows Activision’s intent to depict conflict in-game with the utmost realism, including civilian casualties of all ages.

But whether the player is in control or not, this is certainly the scene which will grab the headlines in the run up to next weeks release, probably for all the wrong reasons so with that in mind we’re opening the floor to the NGB community as there’s no doubt that opinion will be wildly split.

Is this an unnecessary act of videogame violence solely aimed at controversially promoting Modern Warfare 3 through shock factor, or is it a no holds barred approach to depicting the harsh realities of war, including those caught in the cross fire?

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