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MyPES Released


Socials/Stat-tracking feature to be finally unleashed.

Press release:

KONAMI releases new myPES app today  

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced that the myPES App and connectivity for its stunning PES 2013 title will be available as of today for PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and Windows PC, enhancing social media elements of the game.

First introduced a year ago, the myPES Facebook app adds direct connection between the game and the social media network. PES 2013 users benefit from a vast addition of stats and achievements, which are supported for both on and offline matches.  The myPES functionality also adds the possibility to create or join private leagues, as well as regional groups. Upon registration users join a community based on their country and city and can easily get in touch with players living nearby.

Release of the MyPES app demonstrates KONAMI’s continuing policy to support PES 2013  with free updates and improvements for all players.

Connect myPES with PES 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360 or PC.
Using myPES is completely free of charge.

Compete with your Facebook friends for the top of the standings in Private Leagues!
Become No. 1 on the global myPES rankings.
Share your match results with your friends on your Facebook wall.
Create groups or join other groups to meet many new PES players.
Unlock numerous badges and master a variety of challenges!

Compare your results and gameplay with other PES players.
Find matching opponents using your myPES statistics and ranking.
Compare your personal statistics with the global myPES stats.
Analyze your statistics to improve your gameplay.

Click HERE to access the app.

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