Namco Bandai Announce Three DLC Packs For Soul Calibur V


With the game due to be released next week, Namco Bandai has today announced that Soul Calibur V will receive three DLC packs.

All three content packs are all scheduled for a February release and will cost €1.99/160 MS each. They will be jam packed with exclusive new customisation items and music that players can then unlock in-game.

Details on what each DLC pack will bring is as follows:

Pack 1: Launch Day February 3rd

  • Nine exotic customization items including bikinis, wings and face paints
  • Original music from Soul Blade and SOULCALIBUR (tracks also available individually for €0.99 or 80MS points)

Pack 2: Valentine’s Day February 14th

  • Nine fearsome customization items including breast plate, kimono and animal heads
  • Original music from SOULCALIBUR II and III  (tracks also available individually for €0.99 or 80MS points)

Pack 3: February 28th

  • Nine exclusive customization items including mask, face paint, camouflage and skull
  • Original music from SOULCALIBUR IV and SOULCALIBUR: Broken Destiny (tracks also available individually for €0.99 or 80MS points)

Are you looking forward to Soul Calibur V and these DLC packs? Let us know your thoughts via the comments section below.

Soul Calibur V is set to be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America on January 31st and in Europe on February 3rd.

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