Namco Bandai Confirm Gregg For Next Month


While your all eating your nice Turkeys at Christmas, spare a thought for the clutch of chickens making its way to Gregg, a new puzzle title from Namco Bandai.

It will be available for smartphones and tablets next month which sees a flock of sleepwalking chickens have broken out and only Gregg can see them safely through the perilous levels back to their snug coop. Can he save them from feathery doom?

Gregg will require players to use their quick wits and the environment to create safe paths for the sleepwalking chickens through the game’s colourful worlds and brain-bending levels. There will be puzzle pieces to collect, stars to win, bonus stages to unlock, and a multitude of achievements to complete before players reach the hallowed status of supreme chicken saviour. There are 20 puzzles in total.

You can see a teaser trailer and screenshots below. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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