Namco Bandai Detail Soul Calibur V Game Modes & Story


If you’ve been aching to know more about the game modes and story that will feature in Namco Bandai’s upcoming fighter, Soul Calibur V, then today is your lucky day.

Story isn’t usual the strongest part of a fighting game, but if you’re a bit of Soul Calibur aficionado, then you might be interested to know the latest entry focuses on the main character Patroklos and the two swords.

In terms of game modes, Soul Calibur V will feature a well of options, both online and offline. The full list of modes can be seen below.

Online Play: Play the game online against other players via Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network. You can also view leaderboards and replays.

  • Ranked Match: Search for opponents with matching criteria and be ranked by your battle record
  • Player Match: This room is for a maximum of six players. Chat in the room while watching a match.
  • Leaderboards/Ranking: View the various scores and download the replay data of the matches.
  • Replay: Watch the replay video that you have downloaded.
  • Global Colosseo: This lobby holds many players at once. Enter the lobby to meet other players, enter tournaments or challenge them to a fight.

Offline Play: Play the game offline by yourself against the CPU. You can also play against another player in VS battle.

  • Legendary souls: This bonus mode lets you fight against the CPU with higher difficulty. The mode will be unlocked once you satisfy certain conditions.
  • Arcade: Fight your way through 6 consecutive stages. Your clear time will be ranked.
  • Quick Battle: Fight against various characters. Victories can earn you titles.
  • VS Battle: Fight against another player or the CPU. You can also watch the CPU fight against itself.
  • Training: Adjust the settings of the enemy and practice for battle. You can also learn each character’s main moves and combos.

Don’t forget, Soul Calibur V will also feature Ezio from the Assassin’s Creed series as playable charcter, which means you will able to stab friends (virtually, of course) during online and offline combat.

The good folks at Namco Bandai have also sent us over a story related trailer for you guys to enjoy. Make sure you check it out, and let us know what you think when you’re done watching.


Soul Calibur V is set to be released in North America on January 31st and in Europe on February 3rd.

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