Naughty Dog: "No Plans To Develop PlayStation Vita Games"


Naughty Dog community manager, Arne Meyer has revealed that the studio that bought us the Uncharted series and upcoming, survival horror, The Last of Us to the PlayStation 3, has no plans at present for developing PlayStation Vita titles.

He responded to a quote from SVP of PlayStation brand marketing, Guy Longsworth who recently said in an interview with Gametrailers that all first party Sony studios including Santa Monica, Media Molecule, Guerrilla and Naughty Dog will be developing titles for the Vita. He said the following; “You’ll see a number of games coming out from all of our studios.” but Meyer responded to the quote from Longsworth with the following-

“We’re not working on anything for PS Vita,” the Naughty Dog man said. “I won’t say never, ever, but there’s no plans for it right now — we’ve always felt that consoles play to our strengths as a studio the best.”

“I hate to sound like a treading the line spin-meister here, but I’ve said that traditionally consoles have played to our strengths — and desires to push the utmost limit of resources and memory our tech and engine. That can change with the right handheld, as why I said I won’t ever say ‘never’ but we hadn’t encountered that yet.”

Uncharted: Golden Abyss which is a PlayStation Vita launch title was developed by another Sony Studio, Bend Studio rather than by Naughty Dog themselves.

Source: CVG.

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