Naughty Dog Roll Out Huge Uncharted 3 Patch


Naughty Dog will today release Uncharted 3′s biggest patch ever, Patch 1.13.

There will be new multiplayer DLC that will roll out to players as part of the PS Store updates which start on August 15th. The DLC can be unlocked by earning items through in-game-levels, completing treasure sets. The DLC can also be bought directly through the PS Store.

There is a new Tournament System in which players compete in a point-based tournament that has three reward tiers. This grants players to special in-game weapons or items that come based on how well players have played. Once a weapon or item is unlocked, it is the players to use until the next tournament begins. Players can buy into a tournament with the use of tournament tickets. Players will always carry a balance of ten tickets per tournament and can also purchase more from the PS Store.  There will also be a tournament leaderboard which will be added to the leaderboard section of the game in which players can track their skill against others.

New block mesh maps are also coming to The Lab after this latest patch has been released. These maps have been designed by Naughty Dog in order to prove intense and wild multiplayer action.

A video has also been released detailing the new patch which can be viewed below. Let us know your thoughts on this huge update via the comment section below.


Source: ShopTo

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