NBA 2K11 'Lebron James' Screenshot Released


One story that has been going on and on for months is which NBA team will Lebron James move to from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yesterday it was revealed that he would be heading south and signing a contract with the Miami Heat for the up and coming season. Well good timing or what but 2K Sports director of marketing, Chris Snyder has been talking to Joystiq about the possible effect this huge transfer will have on the next NBA 2K title, NBA 2K11. There has been a worry from some quarters that this signing could end up stealing the limelight from the already announced cover star for NBA 2K11, the basketball legend, Michael Jordan but Chris doesnt sound too worried at all. He also said that neither the stats for the teams have been done yet so it didnt effect the development of the title in any way –

“It’s too early to tell, as the Heat have to fill out the rest of the roster,” Snyder said. “The Heat definitely will be improved, and the Cavs will definitely take a hit, but we need to see where everyone else lands before we can determine who is the number one ranked team.” (Sports experts currently predict a Celtics-Heat Eastern Conference showdown for the foreseeable future.)

Check out the picture that 2K Sports have released below –

NBA 2K11 is set to be released around the start of October.

Thanks to Joystiq for the article.

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