NBA 2K14 Teaser Trailer Unveiled


With the NBA season heading into its final stretch, 2K Sports has released a short teaser trailer for the next instalment in their basketball franchise, NBA 2K14.

In the teaser trailer below, it states the date of ‘6.6.13’ (Thursday, June 6, 2013) which points at 2K Sports officially unveiling the next iteration in the popular NBA basketball franchise, NBA 2K14. With the NBA Finals tipping off between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs that same night, it makes perfect sense to showcase the latest addition to the biggest basketball video game franchise to millions upon millions of avid fans. When NBA 2K13 was officially announced last year by 2K Sports, it was around the same time as what is happening with 2K14 so adding all of this together surely points to the game being announced at some point during the opening night of the 2013 NBA Finals, right?

Let’s play ball!


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