NBA Elite 2011: Feature List


Here is an article about NBA Elite 2011 and it outlines the features for it; the list is below and by god, it sounds great!

All-New Hands-On Control

  • The Game is in Your Hands – For the first time in a basketball video game, dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense are based on skill, fundamentally changing the entire NBA basketball experience. With complete hands-on control outcomes are no longer predetermined, and you become the deciding factor between game-winning shots and momentum-changing blocks.
  • Enhanced Dribbling System – The right analog stick controls your hand movements like never before, allowing you to dribble with one-to-one movement unique to NBA ELITE 11. Control the floor with all-new hesitations, spins, behind-the-back dribbles, and much more.
  • Call Your Shot – The days of predetermined outcomes based on a random push of the button are gone forever, as the result of every play is based on skill. Each player has a “sweet-spot” and the ability to hit a shot is based on their skill set, defensive pressure, and proximity to the net. It’s up to you to put everything together and hit the shot.
  • The Drive to Win – The ability to drive to the net has never been so true to the game of basketball. Independent control of your hands and feet allows you to maneuver and dribble with precision, making the drive down the lane based on skill instead of a scripted defensive reaction.
  • Defense Matters – Independent hand controls also allow you to be more strategic on defense as you use the right analog stick to make steal attempts and game-changing blocks.

Unprecedented Game Physics

  • Feel the Game Like Never Before – Radically improved game physics rid the days of locked animated sequences leaving you in control of the player at all times. When you drive aggressively to the net and go up with authority, you can be sure that whoever is standing in your way is going to be knocked to the ground.
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