NBA Live 14 'Dribble Control' Videos Revealed


EA Sports have released three short videos showing off the new dribbling mechanic that will feature in the upcoming basketball title, NBA Live 14.

Dribbling moves come in three levels within the game to get players out of tight spots or to make space for attacking players to utilise space and pull defenders out of position.

Level one shows the basics that are involved with crossovers featuring alongside hesitations and also behind the back moves by simply using the right stick.


In the second video (level 2), the dribbling mechanic is used to chain motion and momentum together to try and move a defensive player out of position for example and bring attacking options for your team.

The third video features signature moves that will be present in NBA Live 14 in which the big name superstars from the NBA are famous for. Signature moves can have deadly consequences on a teams defence if timed right after a player has been pulled out of position and is struggling to recover his balance.

Source: EA Sports.

NBA Live 14 is released on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on November 19th.

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