Nearly All Sony Game Studio's Backing 3D States Shuhei Yoshida


Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has stated in an interview with that nearly all of Sony’s gaming studios are looking into using 3D tech for their up and coming titles. 3D has become very popular recently after it was confirmed that certain PS3 titles would be getting the 3D treatment including Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, Little Big Planet 2 and Motorstorm: Apocalypse. With a huge amount about 3D shown and talked about at this years E3, it seems that 3D could be here to stay.

“Almost all WWS developers are researching how they can incorporate stereoscopic 3D technology into their games,” he said. “As these techniques are developed and shared among developers, we’ll see more games utilizing this cool new perspective.

“With regards to adding 3D technology to existing titles, it is much more difficult to do as the game engine has already been developed, and in most cases the development team has moved on to new titles.

“It is always better to adopt new technology into new titles, as the content can be created with stereoscopic 3D effects in mind.”

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