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Told ya

True to their word, EA showed the first snippet of Need for Speed Heat gameplay at Gamescom this week and it certainly looks like Need for Speed.

The gameplay trailer which you can, and should, watch below does a great job of showing exactly what NFS Heat is but summarise – it’s basically all the Need for Speeds.

Need for Speed Heat is split into two core racing modes – legal day time racing and illegal nighttime racing. The former will let you participate in closed-circuit races to earn cash dollar which can be used to upgrade your car. The latter is focussed on street racing and lets you rack up rep which can be used to unlock new aftermarket parts for your car. Illegal – unlocking parts, legal – buying the parts.

Car customisation is back and as in-depth as ever. Neons much?!! You can even change the sound of your exhaust but let’s face it, everyone will be opting for a tank-sounding motherfucker. And for the first time ever in a Need for Speed game (I think), you can customise your in-game avatar. Tees, shorts and even branded socks make up the list of wearables for your in-game avatar.

But that’s not all. You can download the new Need for Speed Heat Studio app which lets you modify your car collection from your mobile. Not only that, but any whips you whip up will be transferable to the game when it releases in November! The app is free to download now so it’d be rude not to give it a go.

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4 years ago

yeah saw this Games at Gamescom, looks like every other NFS, nothing really new but for me it´s ok, i like NFS