Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – New Details


An article here telling us some new details for the latest installment of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit –

Criterion Games will boost the Need for Speed series back to its former glory. With the Burnout developer EA has just the right team at the start and first video already promise you very much. Via Twitter Criterion Games has answered some questions from fans and reveal new details about the game.

Here are some Tweets of the last days in brief:

  • Need for Speed: Hot Pusuit is definitely an open world game, but far better than Paradise City.
  • There is no tuning and upgrade options give the vehicles.
  • Similarly, there is no customization of the vinyls and decals will be. “One would like a brand new Gallardo is not deface, right?”
  • Police cars can be wrecked just like all other cars.
  • Ferrari will not be there as a brand, but almost only exotic models.
  • The game has two campaigns, one for police and one for the hunted. Both are about the same length.
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit supports custom soundtrack.
  • The chase takes place all over the map, not on predetermined routes.
  • There is no cockpit view in the vehicles.
  • There will be no split-screen mode to give, but only the online multiplayer.
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the only game on the Criterion works. Criterion is only a small team, so you do not have time for another game.
  • Information about the new game modes are to follow soon.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit issued on 18 November 2010 here in Europe

Please note; this article was translated from german.

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