New ADR1FT Screenshots + Trailer


505 Games have released a new trailer and screenshots for their upcoming first-person experience, ADR1FT.

ADR1FT sets players in the role of an astronaut who wakes up floating silently in space amongst the debris of destroyed space station…the only survivor of a catastrophic event, left with no memory, a critically damaged EVA suit leaking oxygen and no way home. Players will be immersed in a beautiful and solitary science fiction world, where the environment is the enemy and your mission is to stay alive and return home safely to Earth. As you explore the wreckage in zero gravity, searching desperately for precious resources, the events leading to the destruction begin to unfold and tell an emotional story of action, consequence and redemption.

The new trailer and screenshots show off the zero gravity gameplay found in the narrative-driven FPX. Players get a glimpse of the destroyed space station, the frantic race against time to replenish your oxygen supply and the awe and spectacle of space.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the images and trailer via the comment section below.


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