Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC Teaser Trailer


It’s only 37 seconds long, but Warner Bros has released a new trailer for the soon-to-be-released Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC for the wonderful Batman: Arkham City.

As you’d expect the trailer focuses on Harley Quinn herself, telling you she’s pathological, psychotic, neurotic and vengeful. How nice!

Warner Bros has billed the DLC as the “final chapter” of Batman: Arkham City, placing you in the virtual shoes of the Dark Knight and his trusty sidekick Robin. The DLC will add more than two hours of fresh single-player content to the game, and you’ll be able to download it via PSN and Xbox LIVE from May 30th.

Check out the trailer below, and be sure to let us know what you think.


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