New Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots Look Damn Impressive


If you haven’t already looked at the title of this post and gone straight to look at them, well, I’m here to tell you Warner Bros and Rocksteady have released some damn fine looking Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots.

It’s an obligatory line, sorry.

The screenshots come on the back of the IGNs and Gamespots of this world (you know, the BIG sites) getting a look at Batman: Arkham Knight at GDC earlier this month. You can head on over to the aforementioned sites to see what they thought, but the previews (much like the screenshots) focus on the titular Arkham Knight. He’s a new character Rocksteady has created in conjunction with DC especially for this game. No pressure then, eh? It must be said, he (or she) looks damn cool.

A few previews also focus on the much talked about Batmobile (my favourite being VG247), telling us what we kind of expected… It’s a bit awesome. The new screenshot with it looks amazing. No, it really does. See for yourself below!

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