New Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots Showcase Villains and Batmobile


Holy smokes, Batman! 16. I’ve always loved that number, but even more today. Why? Well, that’s how many sexy new Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots have emerged online courtesy of All Games Beta.

The majority showcase the villains you can expect to come across in the game, including Two-Face, Penguin and Riddler, whereas the rest focus on the Dark Knight himself plus his amazing looking Batmobile.

One screenshot even showcases the Batsuit that Bruce Wayne (at least I think it’s him) will don in the game. It’s rather tight, revealing that Brucie has certainly been doing his buns of steel exercises. Okay, that last part I made up. Still, nice buttocks. Yeah.

Check out all the screenshots below, and be sure not drool over your keyboard like I did. It’s a hazard. Did I mention I can’t wait for Batman: Arkham Knight? Yeah, I can’t bloody wait!


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