New Bodycount Video Released


Codemasters have today released the latest installment of Bodycount’s “Behind the Bullets” video series. Part two focuses primarily on the game world, but also briefly touches on classes, factions and the game engine itself.

Max Cant (Art Director) and Andy Wilson (Game Director) provide the commentary for the video, giving us an insight into the grungy world of the soon to be released first-person shooter.


“You feel like you’re really kicking the ass out of the world”

Words we always like to hear! Bodycount boasts a destructible environment akin to that of Battefield: Bad Company 2, a feature that was embraced by gamers across the globe. Andy Wilson highlights in the video that the game’s AI is completely classed based, meaning you never know what your friends or foes will do in the heat of battle, an element which when coupled with the destructible buildings helps make every playthrough unique.

Bodycount is set to be released on August 28th in North America, and September 2nd everywhere else. Sad news for PC gamers as it will only be available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Be sure to keep an eye on NGB for the announcement of the next video.


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