New Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Details Revealed


Namco Bandai have provided us with some new details on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

The details surround the game’s Battle Mode. Players will form teams of 4 players and will battle against players from all over the World! 4 types of Battles will be available on this mode including:

  • Normal Battle: Each team starts with a certain amount of “Retry”. The first team dropping to 0 “Retry” loses the game!
  • Score Battle: To reach the highest score possible, each time has to knockout as much people as possible from the other team!
  • Battle Royal: Free-For-All! Each player will have to knockout the others and reach the highest score possible. All of 8 players will battle for the same and unique crown!
  • Dragon Ball Grab: 2 teams of 4 players will fight for the 7 Dragon Balls dispersed in the field! The first team collecting all of the Dragon Balls wins the game! If none of the teams manages to do that; the one having the highest number wins

There are alsonew character which are joining the brawl including

  • Cooler (in his Normal, Final and Meta forms!)
  • Super Saiyan Broly
  • Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

All these features will be available in the demo, which contains the following:

  • First 4 missions from the game (Single play)
  • Online Mode (Co-op and Battle Mode – Normal Battle)
  • Demo’s data and achievements can be transferred to the full game version when the game will be available

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