New Dragon's Prophet Update Brings New Region


Infernum Productions have today released a new update for their PC MMO, Dragon’s Prophet.

The new update introduces a new region, Thadrea. The new region brings a story of royal intrigue and dark magic that players must investigate. It includes brand new quests, new dungeons, new dragons, and an increased level cap up to 102.

It is located in the South of Auratia and is naturally protected from northern invasions by the Ashmond Mountains. Norden, which lies to the west, is the kingdom-sized monument to the contribution of the Tunno people in the Second Dragon War. The pinnacle of this city is the Oziak magic research institute.

There is also a new Crystal War event that has players sacrificing precious crystals and facing off against the summoned bosses to claim their juicy rewards. Amongst these rewards are new dragon eggs that can be used to obtain the new dragons.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new update via the comment section below.

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