New Driver: San Francisco Screens Revealed


The guys over at today posted 3 new screenshots for Ubisoft’s up and coming racing title, Driver: San Francisco. The game which is set to be released during Q4 of this year, sees a slightly different take on the Driver series with you taken the role of  Tanner while he is dreaming in a coma after a head-on crash with Jericho which left him in that said, coma. Various new additions have been added to the game like ‘shift’ which sees you have the ability to shift from one car to another throughout the streets of San Francisco.

The 3 new screenshots that were posted today look very nice indeed and lets hope that the game will indeed live up to expectations. With the guys at Ubisoft behind the title, it could well turn out to be a winner indeed. Click on the images below to see them in all their glory.

Thanks to for the pics.

As always, click here for the forums.

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