New F1 2010 Video Inbound


For those of you that are interested in Codemaster’s up and coming Formula One title for the PS3 then tomorrow you are in for a treat. IGN will reveal the 2nd Dev video tomorrow afternoon (Friday 23rd April).  The Community Manager of the game, Helios posted the news up on the official F1 2010 forums earlier today saying the following –

Hi all, have some good news to relay to you!

We’re now in a position to release our 2nd dev video, and I can confirm that this will be going live tomorrow afternoon (UK Time) on IGN.

The 2nd dev video is focused primarily on the subject of car handling, and will provide you all with an insight regarding the commitment the team are placing on giving the car handling in F1 2010 simulation authenticity.

Here is a quote taken straight from the video by our very own T4RG4 (Chief Game Designer) that emphasises the above commitment.

“The preference has always been to go down the simulation path, you can make a realistic sim easier to play for somebody but it’s very difficult to take an arcade handling system and make that appeal to people who prefer simulation handling.”

Edit: Oh forgot to say, in the video you’ll get to see a first look at the damage model as well as Monaco!

Awesome news that we get to see how the team went about recreating the handling of a F1 car and put it into the game and also we get to see some of the Monaco track as well which is always a big bonus. Great stuff!

To see the 1st F1 2010 Dev video, check it out below –

Thanks to Danny275 from WENB for the heads up.

Click here for the forums.

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