New Fifa World Cup 2010 Gameplay videos


With the 2010 South African World Cup just over 3 months away and with EA having the license to produce the up and coming title, a few bits of information have been coming out here and there and from what we have seen of the screenshots and recent videos, its looking pretty damn good. One thing i noticed straight away was it seems that EA have improved the authenticity of the beautiful game in a big way since Fifa 10 with crowds looking more lifelike, confetti streaming down onto the pitch, rendered real life managers and much more and it adds to the atmosphere of what a World Cup is all about.

Below are two videos of EA’s officially licensed World Cup 2010 title which is due for release in April* (subject to change). The first video is of France vs Spain and the 2nd is a quite simply awful miss during a match between England and Scotland –

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