New God Of War III Footage Hits


As you may have remembered, earlier in the week i made a post regarding the heads-up on new God Of War III gameplay footage coming via the GTTV Show on Spike. Well that show was yesterday and as you would expect that new footage is now live on the GameTrailers website.

I watched it, one word – “Gulp!”.

The video is 21 minutes long and features info on other games, but dont worry as it dives straight into the God Of War III material straight away, also while interviewing the games director, Stig Amussen.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, here is the video thanks to Enjoy, i know you will.

The game is out on the PlayStation 3 on March 16th US & March 19th UK.
Also, the Demo is now live on the PSN.

Thanks to WENB’s Nani for the heads-up.

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