New Gran Turismo 5 gameplay video


A new gameplay video of Gran Turismo 5 has been posted from the GT Academy finals in Paris which shows the Fuji track in motion. The quality of the video isnt great but like the guys over at that orignally posted the article including the video, you can clearly see the improvements with the textures on the track etc and also the lighting which has been improved in a big way.

The video is below –

Below are two pictures of the Fuji track that feature in GT 5: Prologue and will also feature in GT 5 aswell and you can clearly see the difference in quality of details, textures and lighting. Its clear that the guys over at Polyphony Digital have put alot of effort into gettting this looking the best it possibly can. The first picture is from GT5: Prologue and the second is from the up and coming, GT5 –

Thanks to the guys over at for posting up the video and if you want to check out the original article from the guys over there, click on the link here –

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