New Killzone Shadow Fall Update Out Now


Guerilla Games have today released a new update for Killzone Shadow Fall.

You can see the full update list below and we would love to hear your thoughts on the new update via the comment section below.

New features/improvements

  • Added support for the new Insurgent class
  • Added support for 3 new abilities: Tactical Echo Emitter, Epulse Emitter, Guard Drone
  • Added support for online collectibles during warzone matches
  • Added support for Elite difficulty campaign mode (3 lives, no checkpoints to finish the entire game)
  • Added support for 3 new weapons: M82 assault rifle, StA-14 rifle and LS12 SMG
  • Added new challenges for the Insurgent Pack DLC
  • Added 7 new Trophies for the Insurgent Pack DLC
  • You can now view your connection quality in the scoreboard. Open it with the Touchpad while in-game.
  • You can also view your connection quality in the options menu. Press options and use R1 to switch to the connection tab.
  • Finally, you can view your connection quality next to your name on the right side of the screen in the main multiplayer menu.
  • You can now view the class distribution in the loadout section of the spawn screen.

Campaign bug fixes

  • Fixed progression issue in Chapter 1 (The Father)
  • Fixed dropship issue in Chapter 2 (The Shadow), Section 3
  • Fixed death loop issue in Chapter 7 (The Handler), Section 1
  • Fixed closed doors in Chapter 7 (The Handler), Section 4
  • Fixed streaming issue in Chapter 8 (The Dead), Section
  • Fixed mobile scan unit issue in Chapter 9 (The Destroyer), Section 1

Source: CVG

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