New Lords Of Football Details Emerge


Geniaware have released new details of their upcoming new football game, Lords of Football.

The first details are based around the world you are given from the ‘God’ perspective. Getting to know your world and controlling your footballer’s lives and team’s fate are all parts of the game. Upon starting, you will be given many activities that you can get absorbed in.

These include defining your team, setting their training exercises , getting to know their mood and behaviour. You will see that the world you enter is full of life from the town centre to the clubs training complex. As in the real world, you will find characters wondering around getting on with their lives but ultimately providing a distraction to your new football team. As your team get more successful on and off the pitch, you will find the town getting behind them more and more.

Pitfalls are also in abundance waiting for you in the game. These include misdemanour infractions, injuries, vices that may develop into bad habits, unpredictable weather, distractions and over inflated egos running wild. The ultimate challenge for gamers is getting the best out of each player and your team. Eased into it at first, however you will soon be put right into the action as the game goes on.

Making your team as successful as they can be is no easy task art all. Whilst dealing with all the obstacles that are in your way, you will find yourself having to prove yourself to the Club President. Doing so however will reap rewards and unlockable upgrades will be available to you to help you improve your game.

Footballers also have a social life in this and their are numerous venues you will be able to take them to. Some places will please your footballers and you will need to find which events work best for each footballer. Whether it be the casino or the pub, finding the right balance is key to the footballer’s happiness on and off the pitch! Punishments can be given out, but continue giving them out and you will find yourself with unhappy footballers on your hands.

With gameplay that has never seen before, this a completely new experience of playing football game. During the match, you will find yourself shouting commands at the team which can only be described as the ultimate and closest experience from the sidelines yet.

Being God is a hard task especially when you are in control of ego-maniac footballers,  but is sure to be one you will love! More details are expected to be announced soon and we will of course keep you updated. Let us know your thoughts on this latest football offering via the comments section below.

Lords of Football is set to be released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. No release date has yet been set.

Source: Lords of Football

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