New Medal of Honor Trailer Revealed


A new trailer for the next instalment of EA’s Medal of Honor series has hit the net thanks to the guys over at The new game which is due towards the end of 2010 has moved on from its well known WWII setting which is has used for many years and the game now focuses on a more modern setting in Afghanistan.

The trailer shows small gameplay parts of the Tier One unit putting themselves in danger to help out the American Armed Forces and i must say, its shaping up very nicely indeed. It seems that the Medal of Honor team have improved not only the graphics ten fold but also the gameplay looks more polished even from the short trailer compared to that in last instalment, Medal of Honor: Airbourne and this could well be a top title to own later on this year. With the guys from DICE working on the online aspect of the game, this could be a big hitter on PSN and maybe a new rival to Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. We shall see.

Click below for the new trailer –

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