New Open-World PS3 title With User-Generated Missions coming in 2010?


In the latest Official U.K Playstation Magazine’s podcast, Editor-In-Chief Ben Wilson has mentioned that a new open-world title will be coming to the Playstation 3. Thanks to the guys over at who posted the original article.  Here is what was said on the latest podcast –

“There is another game that we can’t talk about – I’d love to – that we know where it’s an open-world game that’s coming out this year,” Wilson teased in the podcast while talking about Grand Theft Auto’s future direction.

“Everyone’s looking at me confused – this is genuinely true, I’m not making this up,” he affirmed his colleagues on the podcast.

“Basically it’s an open-world game where people will be able to design their own missions online and share them.”

To listen to the latest podcast from the guys at the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, click here.

Thanks again to the guys over at for the article.

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