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New Patch Coming Dec 15th


Official Japanese site spills the beans.

The official site for Winning Eleven 2012 has updated today with the following information (translated by Google)

We plan to deliver the patch file on December 15, 2011. Apply the patch file contents are as follows.

– To improve and respond to the goalie long shot.
– Skill Card “Speed ??Star” to correct the effect. (The effect was too strong to make adjustments).
– Change the search criteria for on-line mode opponent. (“Free Match” to “search pass level” change)
– Modify the behavior conditions in online mode to stop certain circumstances.
– As you make adjustments to play better – Various modes.

Some nice information there. We already knew about the passing assistance lobbies coming, but also great to know the condition arrows may be getting tweaked on a game to game basis, rather than having a player on purple arrow for the whole day!

Expect news in the coming week.

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