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New Patch & DLC Hits!


And its nothing but great news for all PES fans!

Aside from the additional footwear and balls, Seabass & Co have been working hard at fixing in-game elements – certain things in direct response to fan feedback. Konami missed a trick when they forget to let users saved custom tactics and formations, especially as it was one of the key inclusions in this years game. Thankfully thats now been fixed, meaning no more re-doing the whole thing before every game. There’s also new connectivity indicators, making it much easier to spot people with poor connection.

But the REAL good news from the update comes once you actually start playing the game. There’s an instant realization that things have changed for the better, without ever being as clear as night and day. The ref’s for example are much stricter, and with it more realistic. Loads more fouls are given, and finally lots more penalties. There’s also a new found smoothness with the game, in how it flows and responds to your commands.

Currently many people are refraining from stating these improvements as facts, but right now the general feeling is a lot has changed for the better. Make sure you download the update as soon as possible and let us know what you think here.

Hit the jump for the press release and full list of boots and balls.

Thanks to kos301 for the list:

The DLC adds new boots and balls


-Umbro Speciali
-Puma v1.10 i
-Puma v-Konstrukt III
-Nike CTR360 Maestri
-Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly
-Nike T90 Laser III
-Nike Tiempo Legend III
-Adidas Predator X TRX (2 different colours)
-Adidas F50i TuniT (new colour)


-Nike Total 90 ASCENTE
-Puma Speed Ball
-Umbro DYNAMIS LSR Pro Ball (different colour)

PES DLC and update hits today

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH will today release free content and an update for its PES 2010 title for PLAYSTATION(R)3, Xbox 360 and PC-DVD.

3 new balls and 10 new boots are offered as additional free DLC.

On the other side, the update makes it even easier to use the game’s comprehensive formation settings, and also adds icons to show the connectivity status of online players. All settings can now be saved and Stocked Data will be loaded automatically, speeding up play immediately. Likewise, the new connectivity icons will show the user as a Grey icon, with Green, Yellow and Red icons detailing the quality of the opponent’s connection, with red being the worse.

The update also improves match making between users of the PC-DVD version of the game with different processors.

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