New Perception Gameplay Trailer Released


The Deep End Games have released a brand new gameplay trailer for Perception.

It also comes as the Kickstarter campaign is now only 3 days and less than $20,000 dollars away from successfully funding the game. If you haven’t yet supported it, we urge you to do so here.

The new gameplay trailer shows Cassie not only tormented by The Presence, but also the mansion itself. Creative Director Bill Gardner stated:

We have a lot to show with Perception and we hope that this latest video gives a taste of the game’s many unrevealed layers. This game is all about keeping you on the edge of your seat, sharpening your ears and keeping vigilant about those dark corners.

Amanda Gardner, Lead Writer and Producer added:

After millions of dollars being spent and big games rocking it at shows like E3, it’s time to turn attention to the fact that we need protagonists who are differently abled. We need representation of all different types of people and we felt that it made sense to not only try and create awareness, but also try and make our game as inclusive as we can for all players and pay it forward if we’re successful.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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