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New PES 2010 Screens Released


My oh my, how good do these screens look???

Stunning pic of Madrid battling Barca at the Santiago Bernabéu. There’s loads more pics below too – from the Europa League Cup, to showing Barca in the tunnel, ready to do battle with Liverpool!

We’re releasing more info throughout the day, with screens and game details! They’re all timed posts, as we’re busy playing the latest build of PES 2010 all day! We’ll let you know our personal thoughts as soon as we get a chance, probably through a podcast this evening. We’ll keep you posted!

Expect a post about the online mode at noon, then a post about master league at 2pm. Then at 4pm expect some more images showing tactics and player cards. We’ve spaced them out to let you digest the info, but be sure to check other sites throughout the day, as I’m sure they’ll be blowing their load early!…ahem.

In the mean time, drool over the screens like I did!

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