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New PES 2015 Demo Release Dates, Nothing For Europe Yet


So this news broke yesterday afternoon, but I thought it would be good to get the information up here after many questions. Yes, the PES 2015 demo has been delayed in Europe. I had nothing to do with it. I swear.

The demo has also been delayed in the US, but the Japanese version should (might already be) available today. If you’re clever though, you’ve already created a Hong Kong PSN account and been playing the Winning Eleven version of the demo since yesterday.

Here’s a snippet from Konami’s statement (thanks PESFan):

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced new release dates for the PES 2015 playable demo.

The demo is available now in Asia (excluding Japan) for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3, while the Xbox One version will be made available on September 18th.

The demo will also be made available in Japan for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 and Xbox One on September 18th, and in the US for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360 on September 23rd. Demo dates for Europe will be announced shortly.

Reaction to the new game has been phenomenally positive, with PES 2015 scooping the coveted ‘Best Sports Game’ at gamescom – Europe’s largest consumer event. The new game’s many advances and intuitive gameplay have been hailed as the new benchmark in football games by key media sources across the globe.

KONAMI goes into the new season with PES 2015 centered on the mantra of ‘The Pitch is Ours’. This focus sees the game faithfully recreating the heart-in-mouth tension of top-flight football through all-new control elements, including the most authentic close control system ever, new shooting and goal keeper routines, plus enhanced PES ID systems to recreate the playing styles of both individual players and their teams.PES 2015sees a true return to core PES values of total control, super responsive controls and renowned gameplay, where the user has unrestricted control over how they play. KONAMI has completely reworked a raft of key elements to ensure every pass, shot or off-the-ball run is finely balanced to give maximum player satisfaction within PES 2015’s on-field action.

The playable demo features a maximum 10-minute daytime Exhibition match within the game’s KONAMI stadium. It also features key European club sides, allowing users to play as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Napoli. Each team has been perfectly recreated using the game’s stunning PES ID system, ensuring that the teams are set up to play like they do in real life, while players are instantly recognisable by the way they move and play.

So… Get that Hong Kong account created, eh?

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