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New Pic Points To 'Be The Star' Campaign


Since the picture showing Messi and Torres leaked onto the web, we’ve been scurrying around trying to get information on where this came from.

It seems the source is a site advertising the Be A Star campaign that Konami created, where a fan of the game has the opportunity to feature in the advertising for PES 2010. So after all that, it wasn’t a leak! I mean, its on the official site! By clicking the Spanish language option, you click through a few windows on the competition page, and hey presto there’s the pic! Check here to see it!

It seems the guys in Spain have a head start on us, with casting starting July 17th! So if you’re in Barcelona or Madrid around then make sure you pop over, with your copy of PES 2009 as ‘proof of fan’, and see if you can make the grade!

Discuss (freely) you’re thoughts on all this on the boards by clicking here.

Thanks again to jjoseca for clearing this up for us!

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