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New PS3 Update : A Blessing For PES Fans!


Sony do their bit to help the community.

Today has seen the release of the new PS3 firmware update 4.20 and with it comes a solution for PES fans the world over in the form of a ”copy multiple” option in the XMB’s Saved Data Utility (PS3). What this means for PES users using Sony’s system is that they now have the ability to ‘bulk copy’ those hundreds of individual files that make up the editing community’s Option File creations.

The process is straightforward :

1) Insert your USB device with the Option File content

2) Select Saved Data Utility (PS3)

3) Select your USB device from the list then press X

4) Depending on your USB devices read speed, you might want to wait a minute or so just to ensure all files are loaded up for selection.

5) Press triangle once all files appear to be present.

6) In the menu that appears on the right side of the screen scroll up and select Copy Multiple by pressing X.

7) In the next screen you will see tick boxes beside each file. However, if you want to copy all the contents of the USB drive over you will want to pick Select All from the options on the right side of the screen by pressing X. After doing so, all files will now have a blue tick beside them.

8) Select OK from the options on the right side of the screen and press X.

9) The multiple transfer of files will now begin and time of transfer may vary depending on the speed of your USB device. There is an on screen progress bar present which will count through the files as they copy, so it should be clear that the system is performing the operation.

Note: There may be some instances in which the system detects a file that already exist and will ask if you wish to overwrite. This will present a list of options that allow you to Overwrite and Save, Do Not Save and Apply to All, with a tick box present. If you want the system to overwrite and save over any existing files of the same name (Edit Data for example), simply check the tick box beside Apply to All by pressing X and then select Overwrite and Save.

At last! While there may still be a wee wait for this process to complete, at least we no longer have to manually select and copy over each file one at a time, which makes the whole process much less galling as well as being quicker. Of course, it would still be more than welcome for Konami to include a feature in-game that would allow for the compression of all kits, emblems etc. into one file, but baby steps…


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