New PS4 Colour Announced


Sony have just announced that they are expanding their PS4 ‘slim’ model range, aiming to make up for the lack of a white Christmas with the Glacier White edition, weighing in at 500GB.

No longer available in just “any colour you want as long as it’s black”, and not quite the height of customisation, it’s still a particularly sharp-looking console; accentuating the new glacial slabs of the PS4 with a stripe around the middle in black.

If this is very much your bag, you’ll be able to secure one of these new arrivals from 24th January for £259 (€299), unless you’re in Japan, then it’s 23rd February for some reason. Sorry, Japan.

There’s quite the lineup for PS4 in 2017, not to mention Gravity Rush 2; see our fresh written and video reviews of that here.


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