New Research Video Seems to Hint at Just Cause 3


Avalanche Studios have today released a new video which shows off the research that will go into future games, hinting at Just Cause 3.

The video sees members of the team travel to a jungle in Costa Rica where they will use the research in future titles, including Mad Max. Speaking about Just Cause,  Andreas Oberg, associate art director at the studio stated:

In the Just Cause games we’re in a tropical paradise, And one really important component of tropical paradises is beaches and water. However, water is one of the most complicated things to simulate in movies and computer games. So, yesterday, we were down at the beach and we were recording the water in super slow motion. These are all really interesting questions that we’re doing research about so that we can improve things for the future.

Are you looking forward to a possible third iteration in the Just Cause series? Let us know via the comment section below.


Source: CVG

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