New Resident Evil 5 DLC Hits PSN Today


Resident Evil fans have been waiting for a very long time for some DLC to be available for download. So they will be glad to hear that Capcom have announced that the first in many episodes, titled “Lost in Nightmares” , will be available to download on the PlayStation Network today, Thursday 18th Feb. The later second Episode, titled “Desperate Escape” will be available to download on the PlayStation Network on March 4th.

The first Episode will allow players to experience the events that lead up to Jill Valentines death. Also, there will be new characters available as a part of the download:

Not only is there a new episode but new playable characters are available for THE MERCENARIES REUNION. Consumers who download “LOST IN NIGHTMARES” will receive Excella Gionne and Barry Burton included as part of their download. Each character has their own unique weapon load outs, providing players with additional challenges as they shoot down as many enemies as they can within the time limit. 

Resident Evil fans will no doubt be delighted with this news.

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Thanks to WENB’s Barrym for the heads-up.

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