New Resident Evil 6 Campaign Details Emerge


Following the leak of the Captivate trailer earlier today, new details regarding Resident Evil 6 have emerged onto the place we call the Internet.

The leaked trailer revealed a few small bits of information, such as the identity of the mysterious bald chap, who was referred to as Wesker Jr by the new female antagonist. Well, we now know for sure that he is indeed Wesker’s son, his full name is Jake Muller and he will be one of the main playable characters in the game.

Joining him, as the other two main playable characters, will be series stalwarts Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield. Each character will not only have their own separate campaign, but will be joined by a co-op partner too. Leon will be accompanied by government agent Helena Harper, Chris will be joined by BSAA operative Piers Nevans and Jake will be partnered up with Sherry Birkin.

Leon’s campaign will begin in Tall Oaks (the town that was shown in the first trailer), Chris’ tale will begin with a flashback in snowy backdrop and Jake’s story will kick off in a fictional location in Eastern Europe. Although all three characters will start off in different locations, Capcom state each story will eventually come together, with Leon, Chris and Jake ending up in the game’s key location, China.

As we suggested in our analysis of the first trailer, each character’s campaign will be differ in style and tone. Leon’s campaign will definitely be more survival horror based, with Chris’ journey being similar to his last outing in Resident Evil 5 and Jake’s path through the game being more adventure based, as he tries to escape the authorities after him.

In regards to enemies, the J’avo are said to be the main attraction in Resident Evil 6. When hit with a bullet, the J’avo’s stricken limb will regenerate and mutate into another unpredictable form. It’s safe to say, they will more than put your combat skills to the test.

We don’t know about you guys, but we like the sound of the three different campaigns that eventually come together at the end. The different styles of gameplay also sounds very interesting, and we hope each one helps keep Resident Evil 6 fresh throughout.

What do you guys think? Let us know via the comments section below.


Source: Eurogamer


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