New RIDE Screenshots Show Customization


PQube have sent us over some new screenshots for their upcoming racing title, RIDE.

The new screenshots show how players can customize their ride. There is Over 100 items of clothing for men and women. 20 bike upgrade packs, and a wide range of styles for your RIDE-AVATAR. These are just some of the features that make RIDE the game that every motorcycle enthusiast, and every gamer who loves bikes, has always dreamed of getting their hands on. RIDE players can customise the following:

Choose the gender of your Rider, from male and female avatars, choose their haircut, and their style – from full racing gear for the experts, to jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual chic look.

Choose your favourite clothing from a wide selection of items, including: Helmets, Visors, Suits, Boots, Gloves, Jeans, and Jackets, all officially licensed gear*. Impress other riders with your style, and blow your friends away by recreating your real motorcycle gear in-game and then beating them to the finish line.

The bike is the focal point of RIDE, and the bike Upgrade Packs are an essential part of the experience: use them to stay ahead of the pack. Upgrade the engine, transmission, brake system, suspension system, wheels, and look of your bike. The changes you make don’t just alter the bike’s appearance, they influence the bike’s performance on the track, and in some cases – such as the exhaust system – the sound of your bike as you roar around the track. In order to maintain the high level of realism the changes and customisable features available reflect each individual manufacturer’s official options.

Have a look at the screenshots before letting us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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