New Risen 2 PC Patch Now Available


Deep Silver have released a new patch for Risen 2: Dark Waters which adds some new features and updates several issues.

After players will install the patch, the fighting system now offers the chance for players to block the attacks of medium to large sized monsters. The patch all offers a new dodge move that lets the hero to side-step in a fight. Several balancing tweaks are also included.

The full patch notes can be seen below. Let us know your thoughts on the patch via the comment section below.

New Features: 
– Most monster attacks can be now blocked 
– Player has the ability to dodge during combat (activated through pressing the direction keys twice) 

– Improved vegetation rendering 
– Improved object draw distance 
– Improved terrain rendering 

– Maximum amount of automatic saves limited to 10 
– Improvements in monster combat AI 
– Improvements in character AI if they get attacked from behind 
– Simplified cannon sabotage in Puerto Isabella 
– Merchant on Sword Coast now also sells rum and grog 
– Removed exploit for shooting game 
– Mara’s health increased 
– Stealbeard’s hat can’t be sold anymore 

– Fixed issue with flickering trees in far distance on Nvidia graphic cards 
– Fixed crash with 7.1 sound system configuration 
– Fixed issue with SLI graphic cards 
– Fixed rarely occurring crash during climbing 
– Fixed issue within return to ship option 
– Fixed an error with rain in interiors 
– Crew members can’t be killed by monsters anymore 
– Player will get the cunning potion after crafting 
– Fixed issues with skill teachers 
– Fixed several exploits

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