New Screenshots Show Awesome MotoGP 14 Lighting Engine


A selection of new screenshots have been released showing off the powerful Yebis 2 lightning engine for MotoGP 14.

Silicon Studio revealed that the powerful engine from Milestonewill will be used to power the visual effects in their upcoming next-generation racing title, MotoGP 14.The cutting edge post processing effects of YEBIS 2 enable game developers to elevate graphic quality without sacrificing valuable development resources. Andrea Basilio, Game Director Milestone, stated:

YEBIS 2 has enabled our development team to fine tune our visual effects to true next-gen quality levels, Our aim with MotoGP™14 is to bring the most true-to-life superbike racing experience ever seen and using the YEBIS 2 middleware enabled us to achieve the finest optical effects. In short, YEBIS 2 fine-tuned our visuals enabling the dev team to fine tune the gameplay to perfection as you can see from the comparison screen we’ve recently released.

Takehiko Terada, CEO of Silicon Studio added:

Through the power of YEBIS 2, developers can create fantastic visual effects that complement their games, As seen in the incredibly realistic lighting effects seen in MotoGP™14, YEBIS 2 has the flexibility and power to achieve the visuals goals of any game developer.

Have a look at the screenshots and let us know your thoughts on MotoGP 14’s Lighting via the comment section below.

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