New Skate 3 Screenshots, Plus An Interesting New Producer Universe Documentary


EA and developers Black Box have released four new screenshots for their upcoming skating simulation game, Skate 3, as well as a new producer universe documentary, giving you the chance to meet the artists behind the new University district in Port Caverton.

Skateboarding games have always been a genre that I have loved, right back from the Tony Hawk series, although these games used to get labelled as unrealistic as you racked up combos of mind blowing proportions and you produced tricks that were seemingly impossible to do.

Then came Skate, this took the skateboarding genre to a whole new level and added a totally new dimension into how skateboarding is translated from real life into a video game, the ultra realistic control system has been a big hit with most skateboarding fans.

Now there is Skate 3 and we have for you 4 brand new screenshots of this game, courtesy of, here is a sneak peak of them – you’ll find the full article if you scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Below is the link to the full article, where you will find all 4 screenshots and the producer documentary I was talking about earlier in the post.

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