New Sly Cooper Competition Wants Your Designs


Sony have announced a new competition in where players can have their very own designs put into upcoming PlayStation 3 title, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is the latest game of the successful franchise which sees Sly, who is a sneaky raccoon descendant of a long time of master thieves, set on another mischievous mission with his most loyal friends, Murray and Bentley.  After Sly has discovered the pages of the precious Thievius Racconoos has gone missing, he and his friends must travel through the ages to discover what happened and also protect the secrets of the Cooper clan.

To mark the launch of the game’s launch in Autumn, Sony want fans to set their imaginations free and come up for designs that Sly and his friends might find on their latest adventure. Creations can be hand drawn or created via a design program. The designs can be as simple or complex as players want but must be submitted with a short description of what the treasure is and what it represents.

All of the entries will be sent to Sanzaru Studios and the team behind the game will pick their eight favourite designs. These lucky people will then have their designs transformed into in-game objects. Runners up will also win a PlayStation Vita. The competition runs up until May 20th and you can get enter by Clicking Here. 

A video has also been released explaining the competition. Let us know your thoughts and if you plan on entering via the comment section below.


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