New Sniper Elite 3 Trailer Released


505 Games have today sent us an awesome new trailer for Sniper Elite 3.

The new trailer comes highlighting ot only the game’s compelling World War II setting, but gives subtle hints at the stunning next-gen technology behind the visual and gameplay experiences in this ambitious cross-platform title.

The game sets upon following OSS agent and elite sniper Karl Fairburne amidst the terrifying bombardment of the ancient city of Tobruk in Libya and this new trailer comes introducing us all to a crucial snapshot of the wider conflict in which Sniper Elite 3 immerses its players.

It also shows off the power of the versatile Asura game engine and shows off how the power of the next-gen consoles has allowed the developers to make key additions into the series and also showing how the game has focused on n tactical choice, blended with thrilling moment-to-moment decision making and gun-play.

Enjoy the trailer and be sure to let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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