New The Last of Us Gameplay Video & Details Released


A new gameplay video has been released of Naughty Dog’s upcoming PlayStation 3 title, The Last of Us.

There has also been some new details about the game shared which are courtesy of the good people over at GamesRadar. The new details and gameplay video can be seen below. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

  • Early in the game the player will travel to a place called ‘The Outskirts’ in Boston.
  • The Outskirts is a quarantined zone home to a human settlement living under martial law.
  • In quarantined zones rations, weapons and medicines are heavily regulated.
  • As black market smugglers, main character Joel and his partner Tess pick up a job to escort Ellie out of the quarantined zones and to the Fireflies, a militia group.
  • Unlike the previous action-heavy demos, the new areas involved facing off against the infected, which has a distinctly survival horror feel to it.
  • As previously detailed, savaging is a core gameplay element, players will be grabbing rags, scissors, tape and anything else useful to combine and use later.
  • Tess name checks an enemy type as a ‘Clicker’, fortunately it happens to already be dead. Its skull has been cracked open and mushrooms are growing out of the wound and its eyes. Clickers can’t see but use echolocation by making clicking noises.
  • Clickers have reached Stage three of the mysterious virus’ infection. In combat, being grabbed by these monstrosities is a one-hit-kill. A stage one infected called ‘Runners’ are much more like the traditional zombie, quick on its feet and very dangerous in packs.
  • Players will have to plan their assaults using Joel’s handy ‘Listen’ mode. This highlights any enemies making noise in the field of vision, essentially letting players see enemies through walls and plan the best course of action.
  • Throwable weapons include lead pipes, shivs and guns, but these have limitations. Ammo is sparse and weapons break. Throwing them takes some time and precision, so it’s always a good idea to have a plan B.
  • The best way to dispatch the infected is one-on-one, using stealth to get a jump on them. A shiv is the quick and silent option, but players can also throw a brick at enemies to force a stagger and then close the gap and bludgeon them to death or – provided they have the resources to make one – use a scissor spiked two by four.
  • Scavenging and crafting is essential. The world is peppered with blades, batteries, alcohol, bindings, rags and many other resources. By combining these Joel can be armed with weapons or support items like medpacks. Resources can also be used to modify weapons.
  • Recipes can be discovered to create new items. For example, a bottle of alcohol and a rag results in a molotov.


The Last of Us is released exclusively on the PlayStation  3 on May 7th.

Source: CVG

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