New Uncharted 3 Map Pack Coming Next Week


Naughty Dog has announced that a new Uncharted 3 multiplayer map pack is to be released next week.

The new map pack will feature four new maps: Graveyard, Old Quarters, London Streets and Oasis. The Graveyard map sets you in motion as you fight among ships and shipping crates on rolling waves. Old Quarter seems like a lovely scene on a cool Yemen night, but it’s full of dangerous alleys and delicately lit rooms. The bar, the back alleys and the broadways of the London Streets map offer some prime spots for a knockdown, drag-out turf war, so be sure to stop by the Pelican Inn for some more brawling.

The Oasis map used to provide respite for a Bedouin camp, but now serves as a sun-drenched battlefield for your multiplayer matches. Naughty Dog has said that each map has their own dynamic event which occurs as the match progresses. The Graveyard map will feature a patrol boat that circles the border of the map while launching grenades, in the Oasis map, a plane will drop shipping crates that can crush anything in its path (i.e you or your opponent) if you don’t move out of the way in time and if you do manage to not get crushed by the crate, then you have a change at collecting a power weapon that is hidden inside. Community strategist at Naughty Dog, Eric Monacelli has also revealed that the other two maps in London Streets and Oasis will also feature a dynamic event as well but exactly what it is for those maps will be revealed nearer the DLC’s release.

The new map pack will be available to download from the PlayStation Store on Wednesday, April 11th and for those that are members of the Fortune Hunter’s Club, this DLC will be free but will also be the last DLC available for free through this service due to the service shutting its doors. For everyone else, the new map pack will be available to purchase for £7.99/€9.99 on the same day.


Source: EU PS Blog.

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